1:160 (N) PRR "Lines East" Signal Bridge Reservation Form


Product Description

Pre-order for N-scale PRR Lines East Signal Bridge Photetched (PE) brass kit. 

  • Deadline is May 1, 2021 for pre-orders.  I will do a "go/no go" at that point for the various versions based upon the quantity of reservations made.
  • PE sheet is 0.15mm brass.
  • Assembly is required.  It took me about an hour to assemble the kit using ACC/superglue.
  • PE fret includes bridge components (trusses, legs, braces, walkway and handrail) and PRR signal targets (backgrounds).
  • An optional Add-On detail kit DIGITAL DOWNLOAD includes concrete footers and PRR signal lamp housings.   The lamp housings are configured to accept 0402 LEDs and fit into the etched targets.  The detail kit is designed to be printed by Shapeways with Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic and "Print Anyway" selected.  The housings are quite fragile around the sun shade due to their thickness and the nature of the 3D material,   You may be able to print the detail kit on your own 3D printer as well, but I can't guarantee it since they have only been tested with Shapways.  You may also edit the STL file to print better with your specific printer under terms of the license.

I am not requiring an upfront payment, HOWEVER.. if you pre-order I DO expect you to pay once the kits are available in stock.  Hopefully that won't be an issue.  

Estimated price for PE only is $40 for 4 track version, $20 for the 2 track version.  If there are larger quantities pre-ordered I may be able to lower the unit price a bit.

The 3D printed detail kit digital download is $5.00 additional, and the Shapeways printing cost should be about $10 to you.  Of course you can gang them and make unlimited prints for personal use.

Shipping is estimated at $10 via US Mail.  Contact me if you're overseas/Canada and I'll quote you. 


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